How many of your local dentists are sending their work somewhere else?

This is YOUR area and you should be dominating it!

As a dental lab coach for the last 10 years, the thing my clients ask me about more than anything is how to get new clients.


I've worked with my team over the last 2 years to bring you my Dental Lab Marketing Course which is the culmination of my 40 years as a successful lab owner.


With over 100 pages of scripts and documents and 4+ hours of focused video content, this course was designed to help you get new clients fast without holding anything back.

What do you get with the course?

Over 100 Pages of proven scripts and coaching documents

4+ Hours of focused video content

Live coaching call with Scott to build a personalized action plan

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Just $97

I've used these same marketing strategies to make millions and millions of dollars as a dental lab owner. Doing these things is what sets me and my lab apart from the competition. I don't know how to put a value on this course, but I do know what I could have afforded to pay as new lab owner.


For these reasons I've priced this course well below what I believe it's worth. With over 4 hours of focused, high-quality video content and 100+ pages of documents and scripts, this course will show you what steps you need to take to properly market your lab.

What's covered in this course?

Full marketing plan

How to visit a dental office

How to get past the receptionist

What to say to the doctor

Materials needed

Sales motivation

Elevator pitch

60-minute interview with Scott

Basic client acquisition


How to get started

Marketing techniques

Follow through

Dental lab systems

Preparing for office visits







Lunch & Learn with offices

Study clubs

Continuing Education

Flyers and newsletters

Lunch with the doctor


Personal assistant

Your health

Shade taking

Invisible Implant Abutment

Sample newsletter

Restorative materials

Marketing plan

Profit per crown breakdown

Office visits 1-5

Dental lab best practices

Daily accountability

and much, much more...